Bird 1 - A New Tester for Apothecary!
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Lemon nigerian on the right, I out grew all my fem seeds even after being sexed.  Stocks have a lemon pledge smell.  We'll be starting winter indoor in November and also increasing outdoor pot size to forty five gallons next year.

Apothecary Genetics @ Spannabis 2014 Barcelona
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Why Apothecary will not release feminized seeds. The hidden problem with feminized seeds.
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The use of feminized seeds and auto flowering strains has brought the over all quality of weed down in US. If you analized a true female, with the same strain feminized you will see that there is a big difference in THC%. Wise up, do the work.  Cannabinoid Composition of F1 Hybrids between "Drug" and "Non-drug" Strains of Cannabis 

E. Small and H. D. Beckwith. 1979. In E. Small, The Species Problem in Cannabis. Corpus. Toronto. p 121-127

Abstract Twenty-five sets of F1 hybrids [an F1 hybrid means the plants grown from the seed of a...Read More

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The Apothecary® Genetics company started growing in the early 90's in Gig Harbor, Washington and has become one of the leading seed breeding companies since 1999.
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Insist on genuine Apothecary® seeds.
There are websites on the internet that are selling counterfeit Apothecary® Seeds that are not genuine.  Do not be fooled by these websites.


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